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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

You my friend are annoying!

I have been in a very 'meh' and ragey mood as of late and i have no idea why. Also last night I woke up, checked the time, and then just threw up. I have no idea why i threw up, i didn't even feel it coming, but obviously the pizza i ate last night night think that my stomach habitable.

So basically I thought, i'll tell you what my pet-peevs are, the it might calm me down a bit,maybe.....

1. 'pronounce it properly' I can't stand it when people don't pronounce words properly, don't walk round like "proply init", your not from the ghetto so shut up.

2. 'care for your feet' When people have dry, flaky skin on their heels don't file it off, also when they take off their socks and it makes that crackling noise. It actually turns my stomach! So file it off,  it definitely doesn't impress anyone.

3. 'hyping!' People who sit there CONSTANTLY BMMing. I mean I can understand the whole BMM thing but when its all you do and every conversation is about a BB message you got, I think its time that you seriously sat down and thought about your priorities.

4. ' you won't understand' ARGGHH! People who sit their talking about inside jokes while you are with them knowing that you won't have any idea what is going on, and then promptly go and say "well you won't understand" and walk off! Jeez, sorry if i'm ruining your perfect inside joke life!!

5. ' OMG your so fat' When people who are fat themselves go round calling other people fat like " they see you rolling!". Love, the whole world can see you rolling but we aren't saying anything.

Now i'm sorry if that was too harsh for some people but i was in a bad mood so it needed to be done.

Do you have any pet-peevs?

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