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Friday, 21 October 2011

Its the most wonderful time of the year..

I absolutely love this time of year, from mid way through october to the end of december, eeeeeee i love it! Give me minus temperatures, snow, wind, and ice any day, its my absolute favourite type of weather!

So basically this will just be some of the things I LOVE about this time of year;

1. Being able to wear dark coloured nail varnish without it looking weird with clothes, one of my new favourites is Raspberry by BarryM , OMG its the perfect burgundy colour!

2. GINGERBREAD MEN! Ummmm they are amazing and make me feel so wintery and christmasy! So my friend decided to buy one, but when we got back to the common room in 6th form she realised it only had one leg, so she said it was the gingerbread version of me. Thanks guys.

3. Seeing my gorgeous nephew grow up. Now obviously this time last year he was still inside my sister, but this year its been amazing seeing him grow up. At the moment he is 8 months old, but when you see him you'd thinking he was older! He's my little charmer; Ali if you ever get to read this, Aunty Ben loves you so much!

4.Christmas catalogues! Now i know its only the 21st of october but i'm slowly building my collection LOL! I am a major catalogue fiend, if a company brings out a new catalogue there's a 99% chance that i'll get it!

5. Waking up in the dark, and then watching it get light. I don't know why i love it, i just do!
I took this picture last year in november, now i know it doesn't look like november, but it was 1'C when i took this picture!

This was a bit of a random post, but the pills i got from a+e last night have made me a bit 'woooah' ,so thats why its a bit out of the blue.



  1. How did you create the collage of photos at the top of your blog and the sub headings for "youtube so far"?

  2. I'll post a blog post on it, it'll be easier to show you! (: