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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's been a long time coming!

Well hello there! It's been a long time since I blogged but....... well id like to say I have an excuse but i really don't; ill slap my wrists for you! But it has been a busy time, i've had my AS exam's, i've done so much psychology revision I swear I know more than the actual psychologists, oh and wait..... I BROKE MY ANKLE!

Yes you heard that right, I have in fact broken my ankle! I did it on friday night at the cinema..... I fell down the stairs, in front of everyone! Oh the embarrassment was the only thing apart from pain on my mind all the way through the film! 'How did you fall down the stairs?!' you might say? Oh well I was helping my friend who was wearing 6 inch heels down the stairs, and i just fell; but i was wearing flats!!! So anyway, I went to bed in pain but thought, 'oh it'll be alright!', only to wake up the next morning to my ankle looking not entirely normal:

Then came the visit to A&E. Oh my, I literally spend my whole life in A&E, so it's not a place I worry about going to! I must have spent about 4 hours there, which to be honest, isn't that long!  I found out that I have quite a serious Avulsion fracture of my medial malleolous; basically i've broke a piece of bone the size of a 10p piece off of the end of my tibia! Luckily for me I was told by the nurse that for this, there was no need for a cast and that i would just need to use crutches for about a week. WRONG! I went back for the follow up appointment, and get told i'm not allowed to walk on my ankle for about 2/3 weeks, then i'm allowed to use the crutches to me walk, oh and i got a cast! Only a back slab one though, but i guarantee at the many gatherings i have this week it will get covered in signings!

(oh the lovely cast!)

(the bruise that developed the day after A&E)

So that's my life in the last however long its been! Have a photo of be thinking i'm cool....


Oh btw, I shall have a few reviews coming up soon!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pretty as a Princess!

Just a quick post to say that i'm selling my Prom dress from last year due to the fact that im not ever going to wear it really; not everyday you see someone walking around town in a purple ball gown!

So I thought i'd put the Ebay link on here so that you can all look, and it would be really, really appreciated if you could let other blogs know about it? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I've also linked it on my twitter so if you follow me and twitter, if you could give a sneaky little re-tweet it would also be very appreciated!

You guys are amazing, thank you!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Summary #4!

Right, first thinks first, I'm incredibly sorry about not blogging for about 2/3 weeks, but i've just not been in a 'bloggy' mood. You know what I mean? So anyway i've been quite busy lately due to the fact that its been a few of my friends birthdays so i've been going out for meals and what not!


Lauren's 17th! @ Frankie and Benny's

Then it was my long awaited fancy dress birthday party, 3 weeks after my birthday but never mind. I think I changed my outfit so many times, originally I was going to go as a lifeguard, then as a sailor, then as Minnie Mouse, then as a cheerleader, then FINALLY I choose Snow White!

Group Photo!

Excuse the bra! But my best friend!

By this point i'm not really too sure what had happened to us...

Surprisingly I've not been shopping in quite a while but i've been saving up for when I got for a weekend away to Scarborough (Rock and roll life style I know!) in a couple of weeks with my aunty and uncle as a late birthday present! So i'm hoping to get a few things from there, and then when I go to Designer Outlet as another late birthday present! But Mum did buy me some bright red jeans from Sainsburys  because they're beaut! AND they're a size 10, which I'm so proud of! To you you'll probably think that thats no big deal but i'm finally at the size I want to be, and it was one happy moment when they fitted!

I also joined Instagram as soon as the Android app was released! So follow me bitches, its Jmgisby !

I've also just finished reading the Hunger Games and I can say that I FRICKING LOVED IT! I just started the second book, Catching Fire, last night , and i'm already on chapter 8/9! I think i'm addicted, and I truly recommend it!

OOOOOOOOO and! I'm doing the race for life on July 22nd, and a half marathon on September 30th! I'm so excited! And I can't wait to get my shoes to start training! I'm a nutter I know but running makes me happy!

Finally as today is Easter, i'll leave you with a picture of my chocolate, because well, i'm nice like that! I did have intentions of making it last all week, but i've already ate the Lindt mini chocolate bunnies, the mini Cadbury caramel eggs, the lose Creme egg and one of the creme eggs out of the box! My bad.... Good job i'm walking a good 2.5 miles tomorrow!

Hope you've all had a good easter, and I promise the next post will be soon!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Life is full of beauty- Giveaway!

So I recently came across this blog called "Life is full of beauty" and I thought it looked like a really good blog; and a bonus, WE HAVE THE SAME NAME!! Even though that she hasn't blogged since September last year, I still think that this is a great way to get her blog going again,and the prize is amazing; its Marc Jacobs Daisy 100ml EDP!! This stuff smells so good!

So to enter click here and follow the really simple instructions! OH and , you've got to be quick, as it closes tomorrow!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Primark Haul!

If you've read my last post you'll know that I still had some birthday money left so I decided to go to Primark today, therefore i've got a haul for you! I know you like them ;)

The first thing I brought were these shorts, and they were a complete bargain at £10! I though they looked like something you'd find in Topshop.

I then picked up this top, and tbh I fricking love it! Its a tie front and it's kinda cropped but not majorly; AND its was only £5!

This to both the top and the shorts together, I quite like it personally!

I got this dress as well, and I can officially say it's my new favourite thing! It was £10 but looks a lot more expensive and is much better quality than a £10 dress should be! Also the colour is beaut! 

Finally I got some new sandals and some tights for my fancy dress party in 2 weeks. The sandals are seriously cute and for only £6 are a bargain! And the tights were only £3 and will do the job perfectly!

So that's everything that I brought, and i'm very happy with it all tbh. I did get another dress but it turned out to be the wrong size (thought it was a 10, but it was really a 14!) so i'll be taking that back.

Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Birthday!

Right I know I haven't posted in so long but 6th form has been so stressful, and at this very moment I am supposed to be doing some forensic science work, but I have postponed it just for you guys!

So Basically, it was my birthday on Sunday the 11th of March and I was 17! I told my mum the night before that due to the fact that my birthday was on a Sunday, I didn't want to be woken before 9:30am (its the day of rest after all!). So what happened? At exactly 9:30am mum comes in like she's the happiest person in the whole world and gives me my cards and presents! 
(looking great at half 9 on a sunday!)

All together I got £180 (not bragging in anyway btw), a ton of gluten free food, a Gonzo Mug, a chocolate cake (which I am yet to actually get), a Simple face care kit, a beaut necklace, and the Breaking dawn DVD.

With my money I decided to buy a Kindle which was £89, so i've still got £90 left. Hello shopping...

I'd like to add that the Kindle is amazing! I mean, I went through the stage that I swear all kids go through were you just read all the time, and all you ever buy is books, mainly because there's no distraction of laptops, mobiles, or TV's, but then I grew out of it; and I missed it. BUT the kindle is something different, it makes you want to read and it just draws you in! So far i've brought Gok Wan's autobiography "Through thick and thin", the first Hunger games book (which is addictive!), The women in black, and Alice in wonderland, and all of them seem so much better than if they were on paper; i don't know what it is, I think its the fact that its technology and well I am from the technology generation so it must just entice me!

(me and my baby! best relationship i've had)

Right now finally i'll get onto my birthday cake. Well what can I say? It was different. As you may or may not know, I have celiac disease and can't eat wheat or gluten so my mum made my cake because its a lot cheaper  than buying one of the internet (seriously! they're like £30!). Well when it got brought out, I just cracked up. Basically, it looked like the roof of the O2 arena; but it was gorgeous!


Overall, I had an amazing birthday, and I know feel so old!