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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Big, Fake False lash effect mascara!

Hello you beautiful people!

So today I thought that i'd actually get round to doing the review of the Big  Fake False lash effect mascara! I'd only heard a few things about this mascara so i was a bit cautious about buying it but i thought i'd risk it (for a chocolate biscuit.), and it was only £4.99, so I couldn't really turn away a bargin like that could i?!

So i've only been using this product for about a week but I can already tell you that it is a really great product! But maybe not for false lash effect. 

With one coat you can get nice natural look which i personal quite like. It doesn't leave you with that clumpy , spider look either , which you know .... is always a plus!

Although I personally don't think it does what it says it does on the tube, as do these look like false eye lashes to you?! No I didn't think so. So I would recommend this product to people who like to go for a more natural look every now and again, but definitely not to those people who like really big false lash effect lashes, this product is a big NO NO for you.

But the packaging looks a lot like rimmel or maybelline so makes me happy, i'm a sucker when it come to packaging!

Hope you enjoyed this review, as well, there are a few more to come!

So before I finally leave, heres a picture of me! I sorry for any computer screen damage this might cause....


Saturday, 26 November 2011

NOTD- Seabreeeze!

Hallo!(don't ask)

Jumping on the band wagon here and doing a nail of the day! "Why don't you do these more often?!" you might ask, well its because I paint my nails like a 3 year old, as you will see...

Now this morning when i was painting my nails, i was looking for a colour that was kinda "daring" for this time of year, so i choose light blue! 

Its from the 17 range in Boots and its called " Seabreeze" as suggested in the title!

As of next week I will start wearing festive colours, so expect more NOTD's!

Do you have a favourite colour for your nails?


Saturday, 19 November 2011

shoes, oh beautiful shoes!

Hallo there!

Just a quick post this time, (bet your all thinking "thank god for that!"), about my shopping trip today and up coming posts!

I went shopping today with my mum as , well there wasn't really a reason we just felt like it. But I secretly think mum took me to see how easily tired I got; which I did after about an 1 hour we came home so I could have a nap! MUST STOP RAMBLING!

I'd gone with the intentions that i'd get some nice tops, maybe a skirt, and some more jeans; I came back with a pair of Vans, some VO5 heat protect spray, VO5 style spray for waves, and a Collection 2000 mascara! My reasoning behind this was the fact that the queue in Primark was redonculous (got to love a bit a Shrek) , so the top that I had found got dumped somewhere and we promptly left, LOL! 

I did go to Ark as well and find some really nice things in the sale but for some reason I didn't buy any, I was slightly worried by this.

So instead mum made me go to Schuh to buy the red Vans that ive had my nose over for sometime because she felt bad that I hadn't really found anything I had fell in love with ! (If you've read my Christmas wishlist post you'll find them on that)  
These shoes are absolutely beautiful and I know that not everyone likes Vans but I love them so thats all we shall be bothered about!

Here are the beauts! Now i know that these aren't the low pro ones but seeing these in the shop just made me prefer these ones!

So from this we can conclude that shoes will always win me over when it comes to shopping!


-Review of VO5 heat protection spray!
-Review of VO5 Give Me Texture tousled spray
- Review of Collection 2000 Big , Fake Mascara

So do you think its Right for Women to wear Vans?
Jenny xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

what should you care if you shop in the men's section?!

"OMG!! You shop in the men's section of primark?!"

Yes well done .

If you have never shopped in the men's section of Primark before then you are sadly lacking my friend. Just because it's in the men's section doesn't mean that you haven't got the right to wear the clothes!
I understand that you might think people are going to look at you weird because you are in the men's sections, but to be honest they don't know who you're buying for, for all they know you could be buying a present for a boyfriend or brother!

If you want a quirky t-shirt or jumper to wear with leggings or to tuck into high-waisted shorts then i'd get jogging on down to the men's section if I was you. Personally I always get t-shirts from the men's section; I mean its like the only place to get cool t-shirts considering the women's bit always seem to think people of the female gender don't like cool tops, WELL WE DO!

For example (oh my, i feel like i'm back doing my GCSE's now!) in Primark at the minute at the men's section they are doing some amazing NME style t-shirts at a bargonious (okay I made that word up but the excitement was to much) £8!!!
(picture of me wearing the Kurt Cobain NME t-shirt)

Also at the moment they are apparently (i say apparenly as i've seen them on youtube but not in my local Primark) selling American Apparel style zip up hoodies for £12! That's about a quarter  of the price you would pay for them in American Apparel, come on guys, how can you not be attracted to the mens section now!?

So will you be hitting the men's section now?!

Jenny, xxx

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!


6 Weeks today till christmas!
Oh my i'm so excited it is unreal, I think i'm more excited than my nephews who are all under the age of 12, my bad.....

So I thought I would do a sort of wishlist of things i'd like to receive and things I want to get with my christmas money. Now there is only 5 things on it as, well with my christmas money i'm hitting the January mate!

Here's my wishlist:

Now most of you might be thinking, that's not fashion, beauty, or photography related at all; well that's because I don't know what i'm going to find in the sale but i know that I would quite like to find a leather jacket!

1. Coldplay's Mylo-xyloto album!
Oh my, this album is just an absolute babe to put it bluntly. I never usually like this kind of music but this album has really caught my ear! (that was a gooden' LOL)

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!
I am a complete Potter-head, and always will be! So basically I want this DVD to complete my collection, and it is such a good film, but so sad!

3. Ipod Dock!
I've wanted one of these for ages but never seemed to of brought one, so getting one of these for christmas would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! What would be better than blasting out Coldplay's new album on my ipod through an ipod dock?!

4. Red Low Pro Vans!
These are some of the most beautiful vans I have seen! Now I know that everyone seem's to be wearing vans these days, but they always seem to be in Grey, navy, or the normal "soled" red ones. So when I found Low Pro red ones I think I let out a little squeal!

5. Bridesmaids DVD!
This is one of the funniest films I think I have ever watched! Its just a really good to watch if you're feeling down.

Plus one little extra thing that I wish for this christmas, is that I wish for my 9 month old nephew to have the most amazing 1st christmas ever! I love him to piece and I know that he'll get spoilt rotten but he deserves it so much.

Have you got a christmas wishlist yet?

Jenny xxx