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Sunday, 16 October 2011

You can never have enough of primark!

Today I decided since it had been like 10000 years since i'd been to primark, well more like a month but never mind, I thought it was time that me and mum should pop in!

Now I didn't manage to pick up everything I needed as money stopped coming out of my purse quite quickly, but what I got includes :

A teal coloured over-sized long sleeved top (£2.90) ;that was a mouth full i can tell ya!
(bad picture, sorry!)

A blue strap top - £1.80

Burgundy Leggings- £3

Burgundy bobble leggings(obvs the best description!)-£6

Brown faux fur bag, you get my drift!- £9

Cream skull scarf- £3

Right they are all my purchases ;D I'd like to say that while doing that I felt like I was on QVC or something.

Also I did get a coat but it wasn't cooperating for the camera so I gave up in the end!

So you can have a picture of me in everything (:

I'll link my Youtube video below as usual!

Jenny, xx

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