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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

It's been a long time coming!

Well hello there! It's been a long time since I blogged but....... well id like to say I have an excuse but i really don't; ill slap my wrists for you! But it has been a busy time, i've had my AS exam's, i've done so much psychology revision I swear I know more than the actual psychologists, oh and wait..... I BROKE MY ANKLE!

Yes you heard that right, I have in fact broken my ankle! I did it on friday night at the cinema..... I fell down the stairs, in front of everyone! Oh the embarrassment was the only thing apart from pain on my mind all the way through the film! 'How did you fall down the stairs?!' you might say? Oh well I was helping my friend who was wearing 6 inch heels down the stairs, and i just fell; but i was wearing flats!!! So anyway, I went to bed in pain but thought, 'oh it'll be alright!', only to wake up the next morning to my ankle looking not entirely normal:

Then came the visit to A&E. Oh my, I literally spend my whole life in A&E, so it's not a place I worry about going to! I must have spent about 4 hours there, which to be honest, isn't that long!  I found out that I have quite a serious Avulsion fracture of my medial malleolous; basically i've broke a piece of bone the size of a 10p piece off of the end of my tibia! Luckily for me I was told by the nurse that for this, there was no need for a cast and that i would just need to use crutches for about a week. WRONG! I went back for the follow up appointment, and get told i'm not allowed to walk on my ankle for about 2/3 weeks, then i'm allowed to use the crutches to me walk, oh and i got a cast! Only a back slab one though, but i guarantee at the many gatherings i have this week it will get covered in signings!

(oh the lovely cast!)

(the bruise that developed the day after A&E)

So that's my life in the last however long its been! Have a photo of be thinking i'm cool....


Oh btw, I shall have a few reviews coming up soon!