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About me!

Right, where do i start? My names Jenny, i'm 16, and I live in england. I've been through quite a lot in life but nothings going to stop me! I've been told i'm a very sarcastic person, so God help you if sarcasm isn't your thing!

I'm currently at Sixth form, and let me tell you when people say its not hard work and that its easier than GCSE, well they're lying because I swear there isn't any more room left in my brain for information ! At the beginning of the year you have to do something called common deadline, which is basically assessments in every lesson to see where you are and how you cope with stress; well I think by the end of it I was crying it was that stressful! 

I chose to take Forensic science, Health and social Care, psychology, and ICT.;and I a very clever chose because I took, well i say took more like god damn forced into, 2 BTEC courses which means no exam at the end of it! Your probably thinking " OMG 2 BTEC courses, you must be stupid if your doing that!", and well if you do just Fuck off my blog to be honest, as there's not enough time in life for haters! (that was a bit violent,sorry, but its true)

I've got a rather large family, with mum and dad, 4 sisters, 2 brother,6 nephews,3 nieces, 2 aunties and uncles, 5 cousins, and my grandma and granddad. Because of them i've decided that i want I massive family too; so God help my husband!

Now i'm not even going to lie, i'm probably the clumsiest person you'll ever know! I've broken and dislocated so many bones it unreal; including my ankle, my fingers, my thumb, my kneecap, my hips, my wrists, ETC! So don't be surprised is you see blog posts injuries on a very regular basis!

Last paragraph now! If only i could write this much in 20 minutes at school! I love fashion, music and photography, and your probably thinking of of the indie kind of girl with an over priced Nikon or Canon; well i can tell you now, i'm not! I live in skinny jeans(well jeggings,because me and jeans not get along), leggings, playsuits, dresses, normal and over-sized band tee's, shirts and blouses, converse, brogues, and knee-high socks rolled down.  Now thats a bit of a mixture but its who I am, and If people don't like then they best get over it because I really don't give a crap LOL!
I love music as well, especially rock,nu-metal, and screamo music. When ever I tell people this they either laugh at me, or call me a depressive, hmmm i'm thinking they need they're eye-sight testing personally! This type of music is who I am and if people can't face the fact that people are different then their lifes must be really boring! One thing you'll notice from this music is that it talks about life, and how people that listen to this music are usually out casted by the rest of society but that we should just ignore them and carry on with life because in the end it makes you who you are!

And thats it, thats me! Sorry it was so long but you have just clicked on the about me page, so what did you expect! I hope you'll enjoy this blog, but i'm stupid so i can't add my signature at the end, so you'll have you to cope with a picture of me, i'm sorry if it breaks your laptop...