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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell #3!

Its that time of the week again! Considering that it was half term this week, you'd think i'd have loads to talk about. But you're wrong. My week has consisted of work, work, more work, and oh wait... more work! And I still have 2 &half mini ict essays to do, 2 forensic science assignments, and 2 health and social assignments. I think I might die.

One very important event that happened this week though is that my nephew turned one!! I'm so proud of him and he's more like a little brother than a nephew; I still can't believe that he's 1! For his birthday I painted him a canvas of Mickey Mouse (which you can see from the picture above i was getting stressy with half way through it) and brought him this like ball tower thing where you put the balls in the drop and they flash and role to the bottom. (just incase you really wanted to know LOL)

I've become more mobile, still on crutches but I can do the "Cripple shuffle" as my mum likes to call it.

I have discovered the amazing LA colours nail varnishes! I was just out doing a bit of shopping with my mum when I went into this shop called Boyces; they had this massive stand full of LA colours make-up, and well I went straight to the nail varnishes. They were all £1 , so I was straight in there; long story short I brought 4 in the colours Sparkling diamonds, Palm tree, shocking pink (i think), and ?????? .
I shall be doing a review of these soon! 

Also, really quickly, I've been pricing up how much it would be to stay at Disneyland Paris at the end of year 13 with my mates! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm like a little kid i'm so excited!

I should really get some of that work done now, *sigh*,


Favourite song- Skrillex- Scary monsters and nice sprites
Favourite TV show- Helicopter heros....
Favourite food- Gluten Free Bakewell tarts!
Favourite item of clothing- Denim jacket and my crutches! (guys they are becoming quite fun now tbh)
Favourite Purchase-  LA colours nail varnish in sparkling diamonds!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell! # 2

It time of the week again! This week seems to have gone FAAAST, considering i'm quite slow at the mo (i blame the crutches) its gone very fast!

Firstly, it snowed some more! Which instantly brightened my mood from feeling sorry for myself, to " OMG ITS SNOWING!", I then realised I can't actually go out in the snow.....
However It then did promptly turn to rain so all we have now is.... nothing. Great.

The leg is still in the splint, and to be perfectly honest, its doing my head in! I want to walk on, so I try and then promptly fall flat on my arse because it gives way, useful, really useful. I suppose i'll just have to let it get better by its self and not rush it; On a plus note, i get my bendy splint in like a week so that's always good.

Also I got my braces changed, I think I showed you before but I can't remember, so hey ho. But they are now purple! I kinda miss the red, so I might go back to red but I think the purple looks cute. Now I have had questions on why i've got braces and why i've got them on so late, and its because my teeth aren't aligned properly and neither is more jaw so i've got to have braces and then jaw surgery to correct it. Why i'm putting myself through all this pain, i'll never know.

As you may also be able to see (oh gawd, i feel like i'm writing one of my essays, sorry!) I got my EAR pierced. Yes I only got one done, and thats because I did it myself and I only wanted one at the time, I now want three in my left and two in my right. Now I bet you're thinking " YOU DID IT YOURSELF!? WHAT?!!" Yes, yes I did it myself. But at first it was an accident as wasn't looking in the mirror when i was putting my earring in so I ended up puncturing the skin just above my original piercing and though "sod it, it'll go all the way through!" So I did.  I think I might go get my next one done properly though, i don't think i'll trust myself again....

Finally I rekindled my love for the Natural Collection Blush in "Peach Melba". I asked mum to go and get me the blush and thought "well i'll give it another go, considering i can't go and swatch them myself", and i'm glad I did! I fricking love it!

Full review coming soon!

Bit of a boring one this week, and long! I'm so sorry guys!

Favourite song- Foo Fighters- one of these days
Favourite TV show- Junior doctors!
Favourite food- Corn flakes...
Favourite item of clothing- Camel coloured shorts, and NHS knee splint obvs.....
Favourite Purchase-  Rimmel Match perfection foundation

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sis, if only you could read this..

I can't believe its nearly 7 years since you passed away; everyone thinks that i'm over grieving and set i've come to terms with your loss, but it actually fact i'm really not. The other day while I was waiting for dad to come and pick me up , I just looked at a car randomly and I could of sworn that the person inside was you. But then I realised it obviously couldn't of been you and that's when it hit me how much I miss you. Of course I miss you everyday, it sounds cheesy but it feels like there's something missing, I miss seeing your huge smile and hearing your laugh; but I miss you more that ever now. The thing that upsets me the most is that because i was only 10 when you died, I'm beginning to forget how your laugh used to sound; and that's tearing me apart. That's why I think that it's really hitting me now that your really gone, I can't just pop round for a chat or go out shopping with you, and now I can't even go and talk to you at your grave because you don't have one. 

I just hope that you are out of pain now sis, and that your illness can't harm your any longer.
Just remember Jude, you are beautiful no matter what they say.

Love you a million more times than I can ever show

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell.


It's a me, MARIO!

I'm so sorry about the fact that i've been away for ages, but sixth form has been HECTIC!
Its been assignment,after assignment,after essay, after exam, etc...
But i suppose it'll all pay of in the end, 'eh!

So i've decided to at least do one blog post a week, on a sunday, so i can at least inform you about my life!

So i'll work backwards, because, well social normality isn't something i strive for;obvs.

IT SNOWED! Okay so if you live in the UK you'll know that even 1mm of snow excites us so to have about 7/8 inches of the white stuff (not in that way, cheeky) was amazing!

Last night I finally got round to using one of my Lush bath bombs I got for Christmas, and as you can see it was the Lil' Lush Pud!
OH MY! it was AMAZE! It did turn the water a weird brown colour but it smelt so good it was unreal!

 Yes, that's the time I got to 6th form all this week, I didn't even know that the school was open at that time; obviously is though!
And it was freezing cold! I mean this picture was taken on a good day, on friday, it was -4'c!
I swear i had frostbite...

 On Wednesday I went on a Forensic science trip to Nottingham Trent Uni (absolutely no where near my house, so no you can't stalk me) to have a look at the Different labs that they had. It was pretty boring apart from the Forensics and Ballistics labs , which coming from a non science nerd, were amazing! I'm even considering applying to do Forensic now, just because of this trip! But anyway, this was one of my friends Chau asleep on the way to the uni! I mean we live quite far away from the uni but not that far away that you need to sleep!
Bless him!

 Oh and finally, on monday evening I ended up in A+E with a dislocated kneecap!
Second time i've done it, 
and this time it happened by....... drumroll.......

I mean what the hell is that all about!

So i've torn many ligaments again, including the MCL,LCL, and a partial tear to the ACL. 
This splint for 3/4 weeks, hinged splint for 3 weeks after that, and crutches through out all of it.

So that's my week in a nutshell, its been manic but hopefully it should all calm done soon.

Love Jenny! 

Favourite song- Breathe Carolina- Blackout
Favourite TV show- Sun, sex and suspicious parents, Junior Doctors, The 6 nations! (not a TVshow but it counts...)
Favourite food- Snack-a-jack sweet chilli flavour!
Favourite item of clothing- Denim jacket and red Vans
Favourite Purchase- (Only brought 1 thing, my bad) my ripcurl backpack! i'll show next week!