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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Blooming hell, not again!

As if I've injured myself again! This is the 5th injury of the year, and i'm not impressed!
Well this time i've dislocated my hip, and to be honest its very bloody painful.

I was at 6th form when it happened, which wasn't ideal!

So basically two of my best friends had made me go to the shop right next door to school with them, once we had come out the shop we bumped into another one of my mates who i stopped to talk to. The next thing I know is that i turn round and one of them runs at me and boob bounces me!
Your probably thinking, "she boob bounced you, how the hell did that dislocate your hip?!" Well she bounced me into one of those green electricity boxes that you find on the street, if your from america its pretty self explanatory, and my hip just hit it at the wrong angle, them BAM my hip decides that it got bored of its surroundings and wants to visit the rest of my body! 

Now luckily i'm always dislocating my hip, but this time i felt it come out , but when it went back it i felt it crunch on something D:
After being in hysterics with my mates about the whole incident, the pain really set in! It happened yesterday, and still today i can barely walk on it! Apparently I look like john wayne.... Obviously because i'm doing my a-levels its not really ideal to take time off so I went in today limping so bad I might as well of been bloody hopping!

I'm hoping the nurse sends me home tomorrow so mum will actually take me to A+E as i can't stand the pain much longer.

Wish me luck guys!

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