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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

what should you care if you shop in the men's section?!

"OMG!! You shop in the men's section of primark?!"

Yes well done .

If you have never shopped in the men's section of Primark before then you are sadly lacking my friend. Just because it's in the men's section doesn't mean that you haven't got the right to wear the clothes!
I understand that you might think people are going to look at you weird because you are in the men's sections, but to be honest they don't know who you're buying for, for all they know you could be buying a present for a boyfriend or brother!

If you want a quirky t-shirt or jumper to wear with leggings or to tuck into high-waisted shorts then i'd get jogging on down to the men's section if I was you. Personally I always get t-shirts from the men's section; I mean its like the only place to get cool t-shirts considering the women's bit always seem to think people of the female gender don't like cool tops, WELL WE DO!

For example (oh my, i feel like i'm back doing my GCSE's now!) in Primark at the minute at the men's section they are doing some amazing NME style t-shirts at a bargonious (okay I made that word up but the excitement was to much) £8!!!
(picture of me wearing the Kurt Cobain NME t-shirt)

Also at the moment they are apparently (i say apparenly as i've seen them on youtube but not in my local Primark) selling American Apparel style zip up hoodies for £12! That's about a quarter  of the price you would pay for them in American Apparel, come on guys, how can you not be attracted to the mens section now!?

So will you be hitting the men's section now?!

Jenny, xxx


  1. nice post. Now you can use this indian importers directory to promote bulk mens wear import & export business.

  2. I never said that it's right for Primark to use indian sweat shops. I was only saying that the men's section in primark is good for women to shop in as well. And yes I know it's cheap because of the pay the workers in india get, which is ridiculous, but i'm a poor student so primark will have to do i'm afraid.