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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Review: Collection 2000 Big, Fake False lash effect mascara!

Hello you beautiful people!

So today I thought that i'd actually get round to doing the review of the Big  Fake False lash effect mascara! I'd only heard a few things about this mascara so i was a bit cautious about buying it but i thought i'd risk it (for a chocolate biscuit.), and it was only £4.99, so I couldn't really turn away a bargin like that could i?!

So i've only been using this product for about a week but I can already tell you that it is a really great product! But maybe not for false lash effect. 

With one coat you can get nice natural look which i personal quite like. It doesn't leave you with that clumpy , spider look either , which you know .... is always a plus!

Although I personally don't think it does what it says it does on the tube, as do these look like false eye lashes to you?! No I didn't think so. So I would recommend this product to people who like to go for a more natural look every now and again, but definitely not to those people who like really big false lash effect lashes, this product is a big NO NO for you.

But the packaging looks a lot like rimmel or maybelline so makes me happy, i'm a sucker when it come to packaging!

Hope you enjoyed this review, as well, there are a few more to come!

So before I finally leave, heres a picture of me! I sorry for any computer screen damage this might cause....


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