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Saturday, 19 November 2011

shoes, oh beautiful shoes!

Hallo there!

Just a quick post this time, (bet your all thinking "thank god for that!"), about my shopping trip today and up coming posts!

I went shopping today with my mum as , well there wasn't really a reason we just felt like it. But I secretly think mum took me to see how easily tired I got; which I did after about an 1 hour we came home so I could have a nap! MUST STOP RAMBLING!

I'd gone with the intentions that i'd get some nice tops, maybe a skirt, and some more jeans; I came back with a pair of Vans, some VO5 heat protect spray, VO5 style spray for waves, and a Collection 2000 mascara! My reasoning behind this was the fact that the queue in Primark was redonculous (got to love a bit a Shrek) , so the top that I had found got dumped somewhere and we promptly left, LOL! 

I did go to Ark as well and find some really nice things in the sale but for some reason I didn't buy any, I was slightly worried by this.

So instead mum made me go to Schuh to buy the red Vans that ive had my nose over for sometime because she felt bad that I hadn't really found anything I had fell in love with ! (If you've read my Christmas wishlist post you'll find them on that)  
These shoes are absolutely beautiful and I know that not everyone likes Vans but I love them so thats all we shall be bothered about!

Here are the beauts! Now i know that these aren't the low pro ones but seeing these in the shop just made me prefer these ones!

So from this we can conclude that shoes will always win me over when it comes to shopping!


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- Review of Collection 2000 Big , Fake Mascara

So do you think its Right for Women to wear Vans?
Jenny xxx

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