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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell.


It's a me, MARIO!

I'm so sorry about the fact that i've been away for ages, but sixth form has been HECTIC!
Its been assignment,after assignment,after essay, after exam, etc...
But i suppose it'll all pay of in the end, 'eh!

So i've decided to at least do one blog post a week, on a sunday, so i can at least inform you about my life!

So i'll work backwards, because, well social normality isn't something i strive for;obvs.

IT SNOWED! Okay so if you live in the UK you'll know that even 1mm of snow excites us so to have about 7/8 inches of the white stuff (not in that way, cheeky) was amazing!

Last night I finally got round to using one of my Lush bath bombs I got for Christmas, and as you can see it was the Lil' Lush Pud!
OH MY! it was AMAZE! It did turn the water a weird brown colour but it smelt so good it was unreal!

 Yes, that's the time I got to 6th form all this week, I didn't even know that the school was open at that time; obviously is though!
And it was freezing cold! I mean this picture was taken on a good day, on friday, it was -4'c!
I swear i had frostbite...

 On Wednesday I went on a Forensic science trip to Nottingham Trent Uni (absolutely no where near my house, so no you can't stalk me) to have a look at the Different labs that they had. It was pretty boring apart from the Forensics and Ballistics labs , which coming from a non science nerd, were amazing! I'm even considering applying to do Forensic now, just because of this trip! But anyway, this was one of my friends Chau asleep on the way to the uni! I mean we live quite far away from the uni but not that far away that you need to sleep!
Bless him!

 Oh and finally, on monday evening I ended up in A+E with a dislocated kneecap!
Second time i've done it, 
and this time it happened by....... drumroll.......

I mean what the hell is that all about!

So i've torn many ligaments again, including the MCL,LCL, and a partial tear to the ACL. 
This splint for 3/4 weeks, hinged splint for 3 weeks after that, and crutches through out all of it.

So that's my week in a nutshell, its been manic but hopefully it should all calm done soon.

Love Jenny! 

Favourite song- Breathe Carolina- Blackout
Favourite TV show- Sun, sex and suspicious parents, Junior Doctors, The 6 nations! (not a TVshow but it counts...)
Favourite food- Snack-a-jack sweet chilli flavour!
Favourite item of clothing- Denim jacket and red Vans
Favourite Purchase- (Only brought 1 thing, my bad) my ripcurl backpack! i'll show next week! 


  1. haha your post just made me laugh. thanks!
    P.S. just added myself to your followers. great blog!


  2. So jelaous of the snow. Its raining in Scotland :(

    Great post x

  3. Awww no :(
    our snow hasn't lasted for long, its raining now :')
    Thank you :) x