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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell! # 2

It time of the week again! This week seems to have gone FAAAST, considering i'm quite slow at the mo (i blame the crutches) its gone very fast!

Firstly, it snowed some more! Which instantly brightened my mood from feeling sorry for myself, to " OMG ITS SNOWING!", I then realised I can't actually go out in the snow.....
However It then did promptly turn to rain so all we have now is.... nothing. Great.

The leg is still in the splint, and to be perfectly honest, its doing my head in! I want to walk on, so I try and then promptly fall flat on my arse because it gives way, useful, really useful. I suppose i'll just have to let it get better by its self and not rush it; On a plus note, i get my bendy splint in like a week so that's always good.

Also I got my braces changed, I think I showed you before but I can't remember, so hey ho. But they are now purple! I kinda miss the red, so I might go back to red but I think the purple looks cute. Now I have had questions on why i've got braces and why i've got them on so late, and its because my teeth aren't aligned properly and neither is more jaw so i've got to have braces and then jaw surgery to correct it. Why i'm putting myself through all this pain, i'll never know.

As you may also be able to see (oh gawd, i feel like i'm writing one of my essays, sorry!) I got my EAR pierced. Yes I only got one done, and thats because I did it myself and I only wanted one at the time, I now want three in my left and two in my right. Now I bet you're thinking " YOU DID IT YOURSELF!? WHAT?!!" Yes, yes I did it myself. But at first it was an accident as wasn't looking in the mirror when i was putting my earring in so I ended up puncturing the skin just above my original piercing and though "sod it, it'll go all the way through!" So I did.  I think I might go get my next one done properly though, i don't think i'll trust myself again....

Finally I rekindled my love for the Natural Collection Blush in "Peach Melba". I asked mum to go and get me the blush and thought "well i'll give it another go, considering i can't go and swatch them myself", and i'm glad I did! I fricking love it!

Full review coming soon!

Bit of a boring one this week, and long! I'm so sorry guys!

Favourite song- Foo Fighters- one of these days
Favourite TV show- Junior doctors!
Favourite food- Corn flakes...
Favourite item of clothing- Camel coloured shorts, and NHS knee splint obvs.....
Favourite Purchase-  Rimmel Match perfection foundation

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