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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekly Nutshell #3!

Its that time of the week again! Considering that it was half term this week, you'd think i'd have loads to talk about. But you're wrong. My week has consisted of work, work, more work, and oh wait... more work! And I still have 2 &half mini ict essays to do, 2 forensic science assignments, and 2 health and social assignments. I think I might die.

One very important event that happened this week though is that my nephew turned one!! I'm so proud of him and he's more like a little brother than a nephew; I still can't believe that he's 1! For his birthday I painted him a canvas of Mickey Mouse (which you can see from the picture above i was getting stressy with half way through it) and brought him this like ball tower thing where you put the balls in the drop and they flash and role to the bottom. (just incase you really wanted to know LOL)

I've become more mobile, still on crutches but I can do the "Cripple shuffle" as my mum likes to call it.

I have discovered the amazing LA colours nail varnishes! I was just out doing a bit of shopping with my mum when I went into this shop called Boyces; they had this massive stand full of LA colours make-up, and well I went straight to the nail varnishes. They were all £1 , so I was straight in there; long story short I brought 4 in the colours Sparkling diamonds, Palm tree, shocking pink (i think), and ?????? .
I shall be doing a review of these soon! 

Also, really quickly, I've been pricing up how much it would be to stay at Disneyland Paris at the end of year 13 with my mates! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm like a little kid i'm so excited!

I should really get some of that work done now, *sigh*,


Favourite song- Skrillex- Scary monsters and nice sprites
Favourite TV show- Helicopter heros....
Favourite food- Gluten Free Bakewell tarts!
Favourite item of clothing- Denim jacket and my crutches! (guys they are becoming quite fun now tbh)
Favourite Purchase-  LA colours nail varnish in sparkling diamonds!


  1. the la colours polishes look cute !! <3

  2. i know, and they are amazing quality as well, WIN!<3