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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Birthday!

Right I know I haven't posted in so long but 6th form has been so stressful, and at this very moment I am supposed to be doing some forensic science work, but I have postponed it just for you guys!

So Basically, it was my birthday on Sunday the 11th of March and I was 17! I told my mum the night before that due to the fact that my birthday was on a Sunday, I didn't want to be woken before 9:30am (its the day of rest after all!). So what happened? At exactly 9:30am mum comes in like she's the happiest person in the whole world and gives me my cards and presents! 
(looking great at half 9 on a sunday!)

All together I got £180 (not bragging in anyway btw), a ton of gluten free food, a Gonzo Mug, a chocolate cake (which I am yet to actually get), a Simple face care kit, a beaut necklace, and the Breaking dawn DVD.

With my money I decided to buy a Kindle which was £89, so i've still got £90 left. Hello shopping...

I'd like to add that the Kindle is amazing! I mean, I went through the stage that I swear all kids go through were you just read all the time, and all you ever buy is books, mainly because there's no distraction of laptops, mobiles, or TV's, but then I grew out of it; and I missed it. BUT the kindle is something different, it makes you want to read and it just draws you in! So far i've brought Gok Wan's autobiography "Through thick and thin", the first Hunger games book (which is addictive!), The women in black, and Alice in wonderland, and all of them seem so much better than if they were on paper; i don't know what it is, I think its the fact that its technology and well I am from the technology generation so it must just entice me!

(me and my baby! best relationship i've had)

Right now finally i'll get onto my birthday cake. Well what can I say? It was different. As you may or may not know, I have celiac disease and can't eat wheat or gluten so my mum made my cake because its a lot cheaper  than buying one of the internet (seriously! they're like £30!). Well when it got brought out, I just cracked up. Basically, it looked like the roof of the O2 arena; but it was gorgeous!


Overall, I had an amazing birthday, and I know feel so old!



  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!! And I think your cake looks totally delicious!! haha Hope you have a great day!


    1. Thank you Emily! Haha, it really was delicious! X