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Friday, 10 June 2011

Exams nearly over and FREE BENEFIT?!?!

Thats right guys! Only 2 GCSE's left! Woo!
History paper 2 and ICT left, so just the hopefully easy ones left!
If any of you have done your GCSE's or are doing them, you'll know the stress that is caused by these exams as its not nice; and it doesn't help when you head butt the door the morning of your maths exams.

So I now have a rather nice bump on my head and mild concussion.GREAT!

But on a more positive note for all you english readers out there( well i don't have any followers at the minute, but thats not the point!) You should defiantly check out Glamour magazine as they are giving away free benefit products!

The products include Benetint which is a lip and check stain/tint, High beam which is a highlighter, or posie tint which is also a lip and check stain/tint but in more of a light pink.  

I chose the Benetint and this was because of the bright red packaging it came in!
When you open the box it looks like a bright red nail varnish but its obviously not. You then just put 3 strokes of it onto your cheeks and quickly blend in; for the lips you apply as much as needed and as before blend in quickly!

ALSO for the magazine and the Benefit product it only costs £2!!!!!! So get down to your nearest supermarket or newsagents and check it out!

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